Casa Mosaico of fine arts

The Casa Mosaico de Belas Artes in Portugal is surrounded by warmth and sunshine. Strong characters define the residence. They fill the rooms with their own stories and life. The personality of the owners is reflected in the individual design and the exciting arrangement of the objects. Memory souvenirs from trips around the world merge with art and interior design to create an impressive, very personal impression and unite to form an artistic mosaic.

Elegant centre of exceptional beauty

The ground floor is spacious and open. Direct access to the terrace and a clear view to the upper floor provide plenty of room for atmosphere. Rays of light flood the space and reflect in the crystalline elements of the large modern Patagonia table. Its unique beauty and technical features make it the ideal centre for coming together. Views can move in all directions.

Secrets of beauty captivate the eye

Far beyond the room the view can extend in the loft of the luxurious residence.

An iconic, three-metre-high column in the centre catches the eye and invites you to discover and enjoy. The Onyx Smeraldo offers a magical play of natural colours. Horizontal veins in shades ranging from emerald green and brown to honey yellow lend it an unforgettable beauty.

Highlights of natural perfection

The bathrooms are elegant and exclusive. A large number of floor-to-ceiling mirrors reflect the light, design and movement from different perspectives. The grey to light beige Amazing Silver marble has an elegant and modern look. Laid in large-format and with continuous veining, it forms the basis for an excellent feel-good atmosphere.

The Verde Alpi from the Aosta Valley in northern Italy is full of natural intensity. Its dark green colour with light green to white quartz veins is a stunning eye-catcher. As a visually solid vanity and large-format wall panelling, the marble also creates an ambience in which the natural stone is the main character.

Holistic project realisation

We installed more than 420 m² of exclusive natural stone for the realisation of this unique project. In a very close cooperation with the Ippolito Fleitz Group studio, we executed the natural stone work from the structural planning to production and installation on site. The modern and high-quality design by Ippolito Fleitz includes in total seven natural stones with various surfaces, which were selected during personal stone trips with the KMD project team in Italy.

picture: ©Philip Kottlorz

Our identify & our mission:

"WE inspire worldwide as THE partner for unique solutions in natural stone!"



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